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Solid Hardwood vs. Engineered Hardwood

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Wood continues to be one of the most preferred choices for floor coverings, and the number of wood-like flooring materials on the market is overwhelming. When it comes to real wood flooring, there are 2 main options: solid hardwood flooring and engineered hardwood flooring. It is often assumed that choosing between these two types of floors is a matter of personal preference, and in many case this may be true, but let’s compare solid and engineered hardwood flooring in order to better understand their pros and cons.

6 Questions To Ask Before Buying Engineered Flooring

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Engineered hardwood is a type of wood floor that consists of 2 or more bonded layers. The bottom layers may be made of plywood, hardwood, softwood, or even High Density Fiber (HDF). The top, or ‘wear’ layer is made of real wood. The main advantage of engineered wood floors over solid hardwood is superb dimensional stability – engineered flooring is a lot more resistant to humidity and temperature fluctuations, and for this reason may be installed in a wide range of interiors. Engineered hardwood is a good choice for lakeside cottages, offices, as well as kitchens, or rooms located below grade.

What is the Best Hardwood Flooring for Dog Owners?

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Nearly 60% of Americans own dogs, and almost a third of all dog owner have 2 or more four-legged friends. With these numbers in mind, it’s easy to understand why there is a growing demand for hardwood floors that are not only green and natural, but also practical and extremely durable. But what is the best hardwood floor for a household with dogs? If you are a dog owner with a heart set on getting real hardwood floors, read on, as the tips below explain how to choose flooring that will stand up to dogs over time.

Hardwood Flooring in the Kitchen: Pros and Cons

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Few flooring surfaces can match the look and feel of real hardwood. It looks elegant and authentic, feels warm and smooth. Those who love hardwood, love it a lot, and opt in for real wood on all flooring surfaces in their homes, including the kitchen. Pages of Canadian Interiors or House and Home magazines feature numerous images of gorgeous kitchen interiors with designer wood floors. They look incredible in print, but is hardwood in the kitchen really a good idea?

Is Wood Flooring in the Bathroom a Good Idea?

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Hardwood is a better bathroom flooring choice than, say, carpet, but it can still be very problematic. Moisture kills hardwood, and a bathroom is probably the most humid area of the entire home. Showers in the morning, warm baths for the kids in the evening… bathtub overflows, spills and splashes can severely damage the floor.

Deciding Between Hardwood and Laminate Flooring

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When investing in a new floor, many homeowners are faced with a choice between hardwood and laminate. The difference between these two types of floors can be confusing at first, which is why we put together a simple guide that compares hardwood against laminate, highlighting the pros and cons of each floor type in terms of appearance, durability, longevity, ease of maintenance and repair, and eco-friendliness.

Reviewing and Evaluating Laminate Floors

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Since the introduction of laminate flooring into the US in 1982, the sector has experienced growth of up to 20% per annum at the expense of other floor types, making laminate the fastest growing floor type in the country. The appeal lies not only in its aesthetic value of its representation of real hardwood, but also due to its incredible durability and ease of maintenance.
Pergo were the first company to introduce laminate flooring into the U.S, and held the majority share of the consumer market for many years. As the popularity of laminate flooring grew, new players began entering the market and quickly gaining market share. Today there are hundreds of brands available to the consumer, some good quality and some inferior. With all the latest advancements in laminate technology, it seems that a new style is being introduced almost every week, making it a daunting task for the consumer to determine which floor best suits their needs.

Laminate Flooring Frequently Asked Questions

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Laminate flooring faqs are asked by people who are interested in home improvement projects, who are building a home and who are just interested in learning about this flooring option. If you are interested in laminate flooring then the following question and answer sets should help you to understand what laminate flooring is and how it can be used.
What is laminate flooring?
Answer: Laminate flooring is a composite flooring product that is made up of a various layers. Each layer serves a specific function. There are layers for sound muffling, shock absorption, moisture protection and decoration.

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