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Pet Friendly Bedroom Wood Flooring Options

The bedroom is a place where you want the flooring to be soft, plush, and comfortable underfoot. Unfortunately, many of the flooring materials that meet those criteria are actually susceptible to damage from simple, normal pet habits.

The problem at hand is that you love your pet, but you really want some wood, or at least wood-looking, flooring options, so let’s take a look at what you can, or can’t have.


For Pets: Vinyl is extremely durable, stain resistant, scratch resistant, and germ resistant. A manufactured material, it is similar to having a plastic coating for your floor. This means that it is very easy to clean up any pet messes that may occur, and they won’t leave behind residues or stains.

For Bedrooms: Vinyl isn’t terribly common in bedrooms but it is gaining in popularity. This is due to the fact that it is relatively inexpensive while also being available in a wide variety of colors, patterns, and natural look options. However, there are some ecological concerns about vinyl as a flooring material.


For Pets: Laminate flooring has an invisible wear layer which rests on the top of the decorative layer. This wear layer is extremely durable, and while it will wear down eventually over time, when it is in place it is a nearly impervious shield against scratches and pet accident stains.

For Bedrooms: Laminate flooring can be manufactured to look like a wide variety of exotic natural materials while costing only a fraction of their real counterparts. This allows you to achieve a sophisticated hardwood or natural stone look in your bedroom, without any of the drawbacks of pet damage or maintenance.

Bedroom Flooring For Pet Owners To Avoid

Cork: The surface seal that is applied to cork after installation will make it proof against stains from pet accidents ​if they are cleaned up quickly. The problem is that cork is very soft, and the nails of dogs, especially large, heavy dogs, can scratch the surface of this flooring up over time. Cat’s can also get into a scratching frenzy with a cork bedroom floor and do some damage.

Carpet: Carpeting can be notoriously difficult to get clean after pet accidents. That is especially true if there is time for the stain and stench to really set in. Certain types of carpet can also cause cats to tear and scratch at the threads.

Hardwood and Bamboo: These two materials are very similar and they aren’t necessarily the worst choice for a pet owners bedroom. However, over time pet nails from larger dogs can scratch the surface of some wood floors. You can also have problems with staining and germ growth if accidents aren’t cleaned up quickly.

Pet Flooring Precautions For Bedrooms

Placing floor mats at the entrance to the bedroom can help to cut down on any dirt that a dog might track into the room. If there is a litter box nearby it should also be placed on a floor mat in order to try and catch litter particles from the cat’s paws as they leave the area.

Never allow pets to eat in the bedroom area. Instead, get them used to eating in a set place outside of the bedroom. A scratching post can also be used to divert a cats clawing instincts away from carpeting.

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