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How to Clean Bamboo Flooring

Among wood floors, bamboo flooring is surprisingly hard. It is just as durable as hardwoods such as oak and maple, and better yet, it’s more resistant to water damage than most woods. Cleaning bamboo flooring is relatively easy, but there are regular maintenance tasks that have to be performed periodically if you want to keep the bamboo looking its best.

Tiny particles of dirt and sand brought into the room on shoes can dig into the finish of the floor, causing dents, divots, or even scratches, giving the bamboo a faded and opaque look.

Spills and wet spots will need to be cleaned up immediately so they don’t stain the floor or cause it to warp.

How Often to Clean Bamboo Flooring

Basic cleaning should be done on an as-needed basis depending on the traffic in a room. Daily cleaning may be appropriate for the kitchen, hallways, or a recreation room heavily used by children. Clean any spills immediately. Microfiber damp mopping should be done weekly.

What You Need

– Vacuum (felt head, without beater bar)
– Broom with soft bristles
– Dust bin
– Microfiber mop
– Mop bucket
– Sponge or clean microfiber rag
– Dry towel
– Hardwood floor cleaner such as Bona (non-alkaline, non-abrasive, wax-free)
– Distilled white vinegar
– Waste basket

How to Clean Bamboo Flooring

Clean Spills

If you note any spills, immediately sop them up with a sponge or dry microfiber cloth. Barely dampen a soft cloth or sponge with water. Apply it to the spill area to wipe up remaining dirt. Dry the spill area with a soft towel.

Sweep or Vacuum

Use a soft-bristled broom, dust mop, or a vacuum that has a felt head (not a beater bar or hard head) to sweep up dirt any particulates. Dispose of debris into a waste can.

Clean Stains or Dried Spills

After sweeping or vacuuming, note any areas where there are stains or dried spills. Lightly dampen a microfiber cloth with water and rub the area with it to see if that is enough to remove it. If that doesn’t remove it, use an approved hardwood cleaning solution to dampen the cloth. Gently rub the area to remove the stain or dried-on material. Dampen a clean cloth with a little water and wipe the area to remove any cleaning solution. Dry the area with a soft towel.

Damp Mopping

Damp mop with a hardwood-rated cleaner diluted per the instructions provided on the product. Dampen a hardwood-appropriate mop with the solution and wring it until it is just barely damp. Mop gently in a circular pattern. Wipe the floor dry with a clean, soft towel if there are any wet spots.

Heavy Cleaning

Prepare an approved hardwood cleaning solution per the instructions provided on the product. Dip a sponge or clean rag into the solution, then wring dry so that the material is only slightly damp. Apply the cleanser to all parts of the floor evenly. Do not allow it to pool or puddle. Wipe the floor dry with a dry towel to finish.

Congratulations! Your bamboo floor is now clean.

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