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Preparing For A Hardwood Floor Estimate – Part II

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Get A Minimum Of 3 Quotes For The Job
It is normally advised to get a minimum of 3 quotes for the job before making a contractual commitment with any one contractor prior to going ahead with the job. Items that you will want to address at the quote stage are:

If you have existing flooring that needs to be taken out, get a price for installation both with and without the
contractor removing the existing flooring - you may decide to take on this job yourself to save money.

Looking for Hardwood Floor estimate in Coconut Creek

Detailed Costs
Quotations should include detailed costs for: materials to be used, the cost of removing existing flooring, installation costs for new flooring, a detailed start date for the project, a detailed end date for the project, and any payment schedule that may need to be followed. Quotes should be firm on pricing as the installer should be well aware of any risks associated with doing this type of work.

A detailed floor plan should be created defining the scope of the job.

Identify any constraints such as available work hours when the contractor can be allowed access to the property.

About Guarantee
Any guarantee offered by the supplier of materials or from the installer regarding workmanship should also be identified in writing.

Special care instructions or detailing the need to pre-seal any under-flooring or sealing the finished flooring after installation.

Other concerns that should be addressed include perhaps a few addresses where you can view previous work results, determining how long it will be before the new floor can be used, and who will be responsible for pulling any work permits. A contractor that asks you to pull a permit is a red flag, so be very cautious with this type of request.

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