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Preparing For A Hardwood Floor Estimate – Part I

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When considering the installation of hardwood floors in your home, cottage, or condo, there are three key areas of concern that should be considered before contacting a hardwood flooring expert for additional information.

1. Size (square footage) of the area to be covered
2. Cost per square foot of the selected materials for installation
3. Cost for the removal of any existing hardwood flooring, tile, or carpeting

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Before Have Someone To Give An Estimate
In preparation of calling a hardwood flooring expert in for an estimate, it best to do a little homework first. Measuring the area and performing a rough calculation of the total square footage that you wish to have covered is the very first step to take.

Many decisions will be made based on this calculation - the cost of materials, the cost of installation, the cost of removal of any pre-existing floor covering that must be detached prior to starting the job, and lastly the amount of time
the contractor will have to budget to complete the job.

It is also critical that you begin to make sure that your desires meet your financial budget as well.

The next step in the process is to begin to review the wide variety of different hardwood flooring options and select perhaps a couple of different patterns and materials that you really like.

Cost X Materials
As the cost of installation can also be affected by the materials selected, be sure that you gain an understanding of this while picking out the materials. Home improvement centers, firms specializing in hardwood floor installation, and the internet are great resources for doing this type of preliminary shopping.

When Contact The Installers To Get Some Quotes?
Once you have determined the total square footage in question and a couple of different patterns for materials that strike your fancy, you are ready to contact installers to start getting some quotes.

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